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we were young and naive still

Ya'aburnee means you bury me. (That is to say - I hope to die first, for I cannot go on without you.)
The Selection - Kiera Cass good, but really, no big deal. it could've been great - it had some cool things, like america's name and the fact she was an artist, but that's about it. sometimes it got too... normal. seeing as this book was written in a sort of post-apocalyptic world where america starved, she was way too... careless? i don't know, it's not a bad thing of course, teenagers are like that. but america rarely took things seriously. and i, personally, am not fond of this kind of book where the protagonist cries because of a boy. i'm aware this is not uncommon but it... bothers me.
so. a two because it had some good parts, and it made me laugh, even if it wasn't much more than a bit of fun for a few hours.