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we were young and naive still

Ya'aburnee means you bury me. (That is to say - I hope to die first, for I cannot go on without you.)
Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick Vee makes this book. Patch's true name was kind of anticlimatic but also cute. I don't know. The flirting is sweet and that's about the best I can say for miss Fitzpatrick. She's good at fighting.
But I loathe break up angst.
Perhaps because I can't empathize or I simply lack the patience -- whichever the reason I can't stand it. And Patch and Marcie? PLEASE. Whatever the reason Marcie behaved the way she did, it was still wrong and unfair and she's a complete tart (as a plus). Vee rocked. Did I say that already?
Remember: Vee rocked.
Eh. Two stars, for Vee only.