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we were young and naive still

Ya'aburnee means you bury me. (That is to say - I hope to die first, for I cannot go on without you.)
Once Bitten - Kalayna Price i adored kita.
though a confused girl who has been wounded, i think perhaps her more disagreeable characteristics derive from the fact that she is very much not human. in this world, shapeshifters come from somewhere else and kita's on the run because she doesn't want to inherit her father's position as the leader of the nekai clan (cats, that is to say). the characters where good (i didn't like gil, but bobby was huggable and nathanial made me smirk once or twice). kita was a bit like an inexperienced teenager trying to fit in high school: scared, nervous, and awkward, but still managed to pull in. also, the flirting and such - cool, really. she was uncomfortable with the notion of a serious relationship when she's changed so much, but i think she would've reacted that way no matter what.
and the blue-haired kid had my heart from second one.