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we were young and naive still

Ya'aburnee means you bury me. (That is to say - I hope to die first, for I cannot go on without you.)
Damage - Anya Parrish it was an alright book. i liked the narration style - uncomplicated but intense enough to make you feel like the characters weren't paper thin, even if they weren't the most interesting persons in the earth. particularly i liked how jesse saw dani - it was kind of sweet.
what was really interesting was rachel. she was AWESOME. creepy and malicious and she pouted, can you freaking believe that? definitely my favorite character, even more than jesse's dragon (which was kind of, eh, and i kept waiting for someone to make a crack but nobody joked about it... sort of weird.)
the ending was amazing. very, very good - the deceive and the surprise... the twists are well done, the shifts are interesting. the whole book was pure action. instalove was kind of a turn off, but so many things happened it sort of made you forget it (even though before that day dani and jesse hadn't talked to each other. at all). fun to read.