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we were young and naive still

Ya'aburnee means you bury me. (That is to say - I hope to die first, for I cannot go on without you.)
Steelflower (Steelflower Chronicles Series #1) - Lilith Saintcrow i love lilith saintcrow's style - she gives a kind of well-hidden fragility to her protagonists that makes them likable, real and gives them good depth. in this case, kaia was shunned because she thought she lacked powers (which, well. yes.) i cannot stop delighting myself with the strong bonds that miss saintcrow forms between the boy and the girl in her books. it's endearing. i liked the band of people she collected, and how firmly she embraced her honor and her debt. the story, the gods, and the intensity with which all was narrated made it a warm read. this is one of lilith's best, as kaia isn't actively suffering (which i fear will change if she ever writes the rest of the series), but that's expected because, i think, in her first books she merely shows her character, points at worldbuilding and sets the footing.
an enjoyable read.